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It would be an understatement to say that the idea of Bed buds is mighty appalling. Their bites are painful, itchy and their presence is alarming. The adult Bed bugs are nearly 5-7 mm in length.

They hide in safe and resting sites near the beds. In this post, we will elaborate on few characteristics of the Bedbugs and their effective Bed Bug Control Vancouver treatment.

Are Bed Bugs Life Threatening?

The obvious answer is no. However, excess scratching due to a Bed Bug bite can result in skin infection. They tend to act like a parasite be sucking the blood from the bite location.

How resilient are Bed Bugs to Treatment?

They are incredibly resistant to the standard pesticide treatment and can wait for ages before coming out of their hiding locations to feed on your blood while you are in a deep sleep.

How to know whether your house is infected with the Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs survive on Human blood, and this is why their bite and salivary fluid will rarely cause harm in itself, but it does create severe itching which can allow other infections to penetrate inside. The most visible sign of the Bed Bugs is light red marks on the body which causes severe itching for days (and sometimes for weeks too).

The conventional treatment

Bed bugs have grown notoriously resistant to many powerful pesticides and therefore using the right product is paramount for eliminating the Bed Bugs.

At Advance Pest, our workers are always abreast with the latest products that can eradicate the Bed Bugs with extreme ease.

We employ Vacuums, Steamers and Mattress encasements during our conventional treatment for the Bed Bugs in Vancouver.

Bed Bug Control Vancouver

Effective treatment for Bed Bugs in Vancouver

There are gazillions of conventional treatments for the Bed Bugs. Pros and cons of each method do exists. Advance Pests highly prefers the Heat Treatment methods for the Bugs in Vancouver as it does not involve the pesticides. The heat can destroy all types of Bedbugs with ease.

Depending on the house owners, we are capable of employing both electric and diesel-powered heaters without the propane.

Infested Furniture removal

Some management company and housing organization rules don’t permit an infested piece of furniture that is plagued with shed skins, eggs of Bed Bugs. Advance Pests can arrange removal of the infested furniture which will be dumped in the landfill.

Contact Advance Pests for Bed Bug Control Vancouver

If you notice an increasing number of Bed Bugs, eliminating them immediately should be your top most priority especially if you have children and pets in your home.

Advance pests provide cost-effective and highly effective treatment for the Bed Bugs that will eradicate all their scented trails from your home.

To call for a free inspection of Bed Bugs, arrange a meeting with our technicians on 08 9240 6840, and they will arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled date and time. For more information, please visit our Website

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