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Finding the right keywords is crucial to a successful SEO campaign. There are tons of keyword research tools available in the market, but only a handful of them provide accurate estimations.
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a good keyword research tool. However, figuring out the keywords intuitively will rarely work for the SEO. Much data is needed to predict the yield of particular keywords.

In this post, we will provide a list of tools (Both free and paid ones) that are widely used in the SEO community for Keyword Research and analysis. We assure you that the paid tools are modestly priced.

1. Google Keyword Planner Tool: – As the name suggests, it belongs to Google and can be used freely. The tool is included in the Google ad words account.

The sheer amount of data that Keyword planner provides can help you choose the right keyword for your SEO campaign.

It has its fair shares of cons such as lack of competitive analysis and no information about those keywords on other search engines.

2. KWFinder: – Kwfinder has got a beautiful User interface, and they provide with much relevant information such as the difficulty level of a keyword and other similar keywords. We have used Kwfinder and can say the online portal provides accurate estimates. Users can try the free plans to gauge its performance.

3. Spy Fu: – SpyFu offers modest packages for its basic plan (starting at 33$ per month) and provide a host of information related to the keywords. For the average SEO user, this tool is incredible and has an easy navigation interface.

4. Screaming Frog Spider: – If there is a free tool that will provide all the relevant information of your competitor’s website, it is this tool. With a mere glance at the relevant information such as Meta titles, descriptions and other content, you can quickly figure out the keywords used by your competitor.

5. Serpstat: – It is also a modestly price Keyword research tool that has been acclaimed by many prominent people of the SEO community. It provides quality information such as the Difficult Score, total no of searches per day and Cost per click.

Finding the best keywords for your business

Searching for the right keywords for your business involves much analysis from the data. If you are looking to start your SEO campaign, we recommend you to get a professional consultation with leading SEO organizations for your keywords.

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