Ikxbay - RPA Blue Prism Online Training Portal

Since its inception — ikxbay has been the first choice for committed professionals.

We aren’t the best (Unlike other so called) training institute, but we will make sure that we help you achieve the extraordinary in your career.


Let’s talk about RPA Blue Prism Online training course.

In the last 1 year, we have helped 500+ professionals to achieve extraordinary milestones in their career and yeah it would be immensely unfair if we do not take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication shown by those professionals to learn this tool.

Ms. Zoya says

“I come from a banking domain with ZERO coding knowledge, I got to know from my friends about the Blue Prism course. I wanted to upskill myself with this and at the same time I was worried what if I enroll for the course and fail to understand things and end up wasting my time but, hey team ikxbay knows how to handle every individual’s learning pattern. The trainer and support team is very much supportive and they made things easy by explaining the concept of blue prism in the most efficient way. Thanks to the ikxbay team, today I am working with the top MNC as a RPA developer.”

We are not sharing her views just to show how well did but the intent is to let all the enthusiastic trainees or professionals know that learning is not a one sided effort and resounding success comes with sheer dedication and unwavering focus which as a training partner we have to maintain and as a learner individual you have to knowing this we at team ikxbay work equally harder as our trainees so that we can help them achieve their career goals but like we said learning is a team effort. So be ready to work hard with us and blow away your negative thoughts whether you can or cannot. Stress can take a toll on your ability to learn. Give that to us and learn freely!

We have designed the training program in a way that a beginner can learn it easily and can develop its Automation skills and can become ready for a Blue Prism developer job.

With the well curated course and planned training one can become an expert in RPA Blue Prism within two months with 100% hands-on practice.

We all know what happens when a player does not maintain its workout regime or when they do not hit nets periodically it becomes challenging for them to maintain rhythm and all the hard work gets undone. To avoid this we are continuously working behind the scenes to let the learning curve of our trainees grow steadily even though training is over. For this we are providing the trail version of the tool so that you can practice. We also provide 20+ assignments to keep your mind occupied so that concepts remain fresh to you.

So dear readers, it’s time to upskill yourself and choose the best (ikxbay) mentor who can keep you marching head! Come learn with us and get skilled.

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